To all you lovelies,

Im sorry for the major lack of posts. Naynay and Mimi is not over… but we’re moving on. Please follow my new blogging adventure for updates…

You’ve all been amazing superstar followers,

Love Mimi x

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Proud to be a Brit

It’s a cliche but one that everyone knows is too true. Burberry makes me proud to be British. Every season I find myself in awe over the collection that is presented to us by Christopher Bailey and Burberry. The S/S12 collection is one that amongst many has caused discussion. The biggest comment being that its rather autumnal for a spring/summer collection. Yet when you stop and give it some thought Bailey has managed to capture everything about a true british summer. Set in Hyde park ammoungst the greenest of leaves, once again it did everything perfect. A perfectly captured collection of everything British.

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Sass & Bide Love.

Love Love Love Sass & Bide SS12. Please excuse my lack of words… I just really enjoy it in a way words cant explain.

(images via

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Pastle Love

Beautiful colours at Rebecca Minkoff.

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That time again..

Its that time again when fashion week season rolls around and I spend blog post after blog post raving over the collections I wish I could own. This inevitably always incudes.. burberry, Mulberry, Jill Sander, Chloe and ANYTHING which has somethign to do with Marc Jacobs…

Marc By Marc Jacobs SS12


MJ NY ’12

(all images

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Too Much ?

I’m not one to blog about the negative. But this really frustrated me. Now im all for a plus size girl. You dont have to be skinny to be beautiful. But PLEASE Christina Hendrick this is not a look you should ever go for EVER again.

I just think, personally, this is too much. Poor SJP is completely over shadowed by them. Yea be beutiful in your own skin. But PLEASE from one endowed gal to another…learn the line between classy and way.too.much.

On a more positive note. SJP. You as per usual look amaze. Please dont ever stop being a Queen of Fashion.

(image via

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This will be me next summer.. Donna, Thank you. This collection is right up my street. Bright colours, flowey and dresses… All with a yellow cab in the back ground… and a floopy hat.


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This is just a little bit too cool. My hands have hand envy… (Henvy) I never thought that would be something one could have, but I do….

Shade Parade – Chanel.

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Nice Coat

Im not one to post pictures of… lets say ‘hot guys’ … but this MaxMagazine pic is a keeper. I actually really like the coat. Please believe me on this.

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