#19 I found these on a Tumblr. I LOVE them ! So cute and spring like.. Must FIND.

#18 How amusing are these.. I had to share them…

#17 Mac – Wonder Woman- Obey Me. (

#16 – Barry M Mint Green

#15 – Dynasty Pink with the Matte Top Coat again.

#14 – Sunshine Yellow. Its so summery at the moment ! I also purchased a matte top coat (Rimmel, I think) Which defo makes the colour stand out more !

#13 – UO Pink, Pink Crackle and one dipped in pink glitter !

#12 – The Crackle Obsession. So im kinda sorry and kinda really not for the copious amount of posts of me wearing crackle polish. Barry M have finally got the pink, blue and white shades of crackle and I got a little crazy with it ! Please not the half nude half pink nails from the other day as well !!

#11 Barry M – Mushroom.

#10 – Revlon Grey Suede & Barry M Black Crackle.

#8 Avon – Lavender, Barry M Purple Glitter and some penguins.

#7 Barry M – Mushroom and Pink Crackle… AGAIN.

#6 New Barry M – PINK SHATTER.

#5 – Rainbow Nails. These made me really happy. Thanks Grazia for the idea !!

#4 Barry M – Shatter over #3… sorry this is late… this essay is killing me and sorry its poor quality 😦

#3 Barry M – Raspberry (Sorry its late… I had to write 1000 words before i could paint !)

#2 – Denim & Polka Dots… okay so its more a variation than a change !

#1 – Nails Inc, Denim


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