Too damn adorable.

Charlotte Olympia £485

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Fash-Pack Vids

This WILL make you smile. Totally amazing from Alber. Of course im learning the dance. and no I wont show it to you once im done.

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feeling blue for you

Top to toe denim loving for the new Chanel polishes. Always a sucker for any shade im trying to decide if it would be wrong to own all three ? Who cares if I already own 4 different blue shades…

Its not even fair to make me decide which one to buy first…

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I will remember your face

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Sorry its been a while. I had the short matter of Cowes week to deal with. If your not to sure what this means… Look it up… It will change your life… Well maybe. There will be some form of hipstamatic overkill posting of pictures of this in the next few days.

Anyway on the topic of back.. Its coming up to that time of year when everything starts being about back to school. I don’t know why but I LOVE this. Always have. Its that feeling of buying new shoes, a new bag and thinking of new ways to wear your hair and a way to get away with painting your nails and changing you uniform. I say this as if im going back to school. Im not. Im nearly 21 and haven’t worn a plaid skirt in over 4 years now. But for some reason this still gets me all excited. Its that September issue feeling, I guess in fashion, September is New Year. In fact in light of this im going to write myself some fashion new years resolutions. Tomorrow.

Mimi x

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Today I Wore…

T-Shirt & Skirt – Topshop, Jacket – JW, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Mulberry Mitzy Tote, Necklate – H&M, Other Jewellery – Links of London friendship, Brazilian wish ribbons.

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Elle Fanning. Love Issue 6.

No words can describe this.



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Friday Friday…

This Jumper makes me sooo happy.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.. Time for FUN.

Markus Lupfer £205 Net-a-Porter.

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Bag Love

Im a known bag horder. Ask anyone, especially my dad. Bags hang off doors, off my wadrobe, off my chairs. Bags to store things in, I even have bags filled with other bags. I use to keep nice shopping bags and make them the main feature of my room decorations. I did a GCSE English presentation on Bags… I destinctly remember saying that the Chanel 2.5 was my ultimate bag that along with a Fendi B bag. (I got an A for the presentation btw)

I’ve already said somewhere down the line that I am IN LOVE with the new bags from The Row. And now I have another to add to my collection.

I always wanted one of the Anya bags that you get photo’s printed on. It was just the kinda cool thing to have when I was small. I fell in love with the cuteness of the totes with the doodles on them. And now the Huxley..

I just cant stop thinking of all the things I could use it for and where in my room I could place it….

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Summer Lovin’

Counting down the hours till im home now. Cowes Week 2011. TOO EXCITED. I love this picture of mine & Gracies freshly brought decks from last year. Mine are battered beyond belief now. Time for some new Sebago loving ?

 “Summer 2k ‘levs. Get involved”

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